Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Drink beer by the tank

So THIS is how you get tanked up

Lunch among headstones

A break from the norm

Fill your home with neon

Should brighten things up...

Help raise awareness of breast cancer at… the Playboy Club!

If ever there was a win/ win situation...

Breathe in the (alcoholic) air

So much classier than drinking, dahling...

Learn Chinese calligraphy

Impress your friends and say you're fluent

Ride in a hot air balloon

For a bird's eye view of the capital...

Classic cocktails, done right

The king of cocktails pops up at the Pond

Watch a movie with live music

The big screen accompanied by big music

Learn to stuff an animal

Rats, ready? Squirrels, ready? Let's stuff...

Bring your own cocktail spirit

A new dimension to BYO

Park in style... take a pod

More exciting than a flight

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