Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Swim in an art installation

Take a dip... artfully

Live like a High-Roller

London doesn't get more bling than this

The Cocktail Gardener

Drink by moonlight atop a summer rooftop bar...

Cycle to wellbeing

Cycling meets Yoga meets Awesome

Bottomless Brunch

Start your eating engines...

Ring the church bells

It's a great work-out - who'd've thunk it?

Send the kids out to work

A theme park imitating the world of work

Do the kebab shop hop

If you dig kebabs... this is your nirvana

Shop at a rock’n’roll charity shop

If it's about music - it happens here!

London’s Best Doughnuts?

If they're not, then they're pretty blinkin' close

Sour Cocktails and Fried Chicken

No better way to wash down some fried chicken

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