Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Celebrate the Independent in Central London

Savour a last remaining slice of independence

Visit a Mighty Outdoor Market

Venture to the Selfridges of outdoor markets

Drink at a pisco bar

Be transported to Peru (without the jetlag - but maybe the hangover)

Get on board a floating record shop

Bobbing around on a canal near you...

Get a bird’s eye view of King’s Cross

Keep an eye on the area's ever-changing landscape

Have a Moroccan hammam all to yourself

Get your kit off and have a scrub down

Follow your ears

Open your ears in London... you may be surprised...

Visit Bedlam

Times have changed

Pretend you’re on the Orient Express

The same luxury, without the pricetag

Flex your mental muscle

It's time to philosphize

Get high, old school-style

Nothing to be sneezed at... although you might

Get into Turkish food

More than just kebabs...

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