Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

A food market for the whole family

Cooking demos, a play area and lots and lots and lots of good food

Pay-per-minute for your coffee and cake

Everything's free! ... but it costs you... eh?!

Board Game your night away

... head to the Draughts Board Game Cafe

Eat wieners

Hot sausage action

Get away from the vertical city at Hollow Ponds

There's trees and nowt much else!

Visit a Gin Palace

Relive the glory days of Victoriana

Visit the Haggerston Riviera

Have you visited yet?

Visit the Museum of Immigration and Diversity

If it's diverse, it's celebrated here

An evening of gambling and debauchery

... with just the mildest possibility of bankruptcy!

Spend the night in a boat above the Southbank

Take a holiday in some modern architecture

Enrol at the School of Life...

Just around the corner from the School of Hard-Knocks

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