Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Shoot something

BOOM! Well 'bang', actually.

Lounge in an urban garden

Find open spaces at South Bank Roof Gardens

Meet Red and the Gang @ M&M’s World

Get chummy with the chocolate treats

Eat Alternative KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

Less of a mouthful than 'yangnyeom tongdak'

Walking book club

Exercise your mind... and your legs

Go Wall Climbing

Face your fears and take on the wall

Children’s Fencing Parties

Sounds risky but fear not there'll be no limb loss

London Gin Tour

See why gin ruined so many mothers!

Become a Poker Star

Take a seat and win (or lose) a fortune

Learn karate

Wax on, Daniel-san

Go shopping at South Bank’s Book Market

A treat for lovers of dusty pages

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