Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Attending court

We’re not suggesting you do something naughty

The peacock effect

Sit amongst our colourful feathered friends

Spend an evening in a crypt…

For a touch of jazzzzzz

Be taught how to meditate by monks

Learn more about the Vipassana way

Drink Madness

Madness... it'll fill you with gladness

Party in the Old Conservative Party Club

Try a night down the social...

Secret Cinema

Fancy a quiet night at the cinema? Then move along...

It's a Roller Disco baby!

Feel like a 13 year old girl... in a good way

Quote-along at volume

Recite your fave cinema quotes aloud without scorn

London Helicopter Tour

Up where the air is clear...ish

Eat gourmet street food

Head to Netil Market for some of London's best

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