Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

BMX like a bandit

Peddle your buns off at Haggerston

The view from the Monument

A spiral staircase that you HAVE to climb

Enter the Rabbit Hole...

Here's a collection of all things Alice...

Tour London in a cab with a city expert

A London tour in your own black cab. Nice one guv'nor.

Musicals Dance Lesson

Musicals Lessons – they’re the hot new thing!

Set foot in an operating theatre

It’ll make you appreciate the NHS...

Get to know your teeth

Give your pearly whites a day out

Dinner in a parallel universe

Can you keep a dining secret?

Get cultural on a train platform

How's about some art as you wait for your train?

Go on a Costume Tour…

Head for London's best-known costume shop

Swing through the trees

Channel your inner gibbon

What's New?

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