Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Pay tribute to London heroes

A great place to which to escape for times of reflection

Experience Chai heaven

So sit back, enjoy a samosa and sip on your Chai.

Urban Golf

As close as you can get to playing a round of golf in central London.

Bona Fide Casino Night

Here's a great way to play fast and loose with your money.

The shop that sells culture

Ever wondered what would make the ultimate shopping experience?

Sail The Docklands

Hit the open waves... and learn to sail.

Sample a quality kebab

Yes you heard right, we said 'quality.

Join a live radio broadcast

Go live to the nation whilst you enjoy a cuppa.

Hit the arcades

Cool your boots... this ain't no 2p slot arcade

Join a Jamboree

... whatever one of those might be.

Attend a Chinese afternoon tea ceremony

Pick the best tea for your mood... and relax.

Dinner on a rotating table

Those traumatised by motion sickness need not apply...

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