Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Shop like a Beatles fan-girl

Beatles fan? Then you've gotta head here...

Go to the pictures… in a pre-wartime setting

Take in a flick at one of Britain's first cinemas.

Step into Thai bliss

Head for some massage haven.

Take a shopping trip to Africa… or Brazil

If you're into exotic memorabilia - then look no further.

Step into a magical bookshop

Soak up tales of folklore, witchcraft, mythology, ancient religions, druidry and paganism.

Have a beer at a celebrity hangout

This is the local of many a celeb... plus it does a ruddy good roast.

Rooftop Film Club

Cult and classic movies from a lofty position.

Take a tour of the Universe

The Peter Harrison Planetarium offers you a glimpse of the universe.

Photography Talks, Tours and Workshops

A perfect trip out for the keen eye and the open mind.

Swing Dancing

Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Jive, Swing Dancing has it all and it’s about time you tried it.

Drop in on Mrs Hudson

Pick up your pipe, pull on your dear stalker and head to Baker Street.

£10 Front Row Seats

If you think that a trip to the theatre costs and arm and a leg... then think again.

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