Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

See RAF History

Puff your chest out as your national pride inflates...

Man vs Food Hot Wing Challenge

Fans of fiery foods prepare to be chastened.

Discover a royal palace

Here's one you probably haven't tried before

Become a real magician


Celebrating women

Let's give the ladies a bit of love...

Cocktails where you won’t be found…

A secret underground basement bar which serves up truly mint cocktails

Step into the real Little Shop of Horrors

‘Special interest’, it most certainly is.

Join a Running Club

The first rule of running club is... you've got to run. Obviously.

Palm Reading

You might be surprised at what is just around the corner...

See the Mummies

Check into the world of Egyptian death and afterlife...

Visit a modern Day Curiosity Shop

A multi-functional, multi-sensory experimental pleasure palace, no less.

The Devastator Food Challenge

Eyes bigger than your belly? They will be...

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