Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Dino Snores Sleepover

If you’ve ever watched Night at the Museum, you’ll know that when the lights go out things get a liiitle bit crazy.

Champagne and Hotdogs

We’re not talking Herta Frankfurters here, no; this is strictly for the gourmand.

Garlic everything

Warn off vampires and the opposite sex year round by making Garlic and Shots your local.

Ceilidh Dancing @ Ceilidh Club

The first rule of Ceilidh Club is... well, dance, obviously.

Try a butchery course

Apparently, Butchery is the new black so it was high time the skills of the trade were introduced to the public at large.

Belgian Beer Tasting

There are worse ways to spend an evening than sampling the finest Belgian beers and eating delicious moules mariniere.

Afternoon Tease

Cake, tea, gateaux and titillation; it’s all in an afternoon’s work.

Acrobatic dinner

Sometimes simply spooning food into your mouth can be a real drag...

Barista Training

Pop along to Prufrock HQ on Leather Lane where you can learn the ins and outs of Espresso.

Life Drawing in a bar

Ever thought of heading to the pub for a spot of… life drawing?

Pétanque in a bar

What in the name of Bonaparte's balls is 'pétanque'?

Play ping-pong in a bar

Bounce is actually the home of table tennis. Who knew?

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