Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Lose yourself in a maze

Everyone enters a maze thinking 'this should only take 5 minutes'. Good luck with that...

Pillow-soft steamed buns

If belly pork gets your taste buds rolling and hoi sin sauce makes you dribble, then this is where you need to be come lunch time.

Famous Monday Blues Jam

Jam with some of London’s greatest blues guitarists.

Join a knitting group

Knitting is hip and not in an ironic way. Getting your crochet on has never been so fun.

Not Afternoon Tea

Cake and tea? Yawn. Let's spice things up a bit with some booze.

Screen Printing

Michelangelo only painted on boring old ceilings because he didn’t have access to a beginners screen printing course

A medieval banquet for din-dins

Tired of the same old evening meals at your local? Then why not put a bit of fancy dress and a maiden or two into you’re your evening?

Ox heart for lunch

Add something different to your plate but trying out the menu at St. John’s Restaurant in Clerkenwell.

Hip Hop Karaoke

If belting our cheesy disco tracks isn’t your deal, but you enjoy some hippety-hop, then The Social is where it’s at for you, bruv.

Dining in the dark

Pitch black dining, meals served by the blind... awaken those senses!

Escape to Tuscany without leaving London

Forget spending a fortune on a flight to Italy.

Have a cocktail with your curry

Cocktail AND a curry? What more do you want, jam on it? Don't have that, it won't be good.

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