Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Take Ukulele Lessons

Grab your Makala and start making sweet music.

Visit London’s oldest shop

Built in 1567 this is London's oldest existing shop, Woolworths could have learned a lot about staying open from this place.

Be a zookeeper for a day

Show me someone who thinks they can spend £280 on something better than this and I'll show you a liar.

Take up an unusual fitness class

Because jogging round the block gets boring after a while, shake up your exercise routine with an unusual fitness class.

Learn to make cocktails in one hour

What better way to treat your mates than to make them a proper cocktail?

Eat duck tongues

You’ll be able to boast about this culinary adventure for years to come.

Get your mixtape played in a club

It could be either the most tense or the most exhilarating night of your life.

Yoga in a bar

You’ll come out feeling educated, empowered and surprisingly relaxed. And bendy.

Saris, cabbages and takeaways, under one roof

Established in 1936, this is one local market that captures the real multicultural vibe of London.

Jazz in a pub

This local old-school pub on the main Barnes strip has been hosting jazz nights in its Music Room for over 50 years.

Tea and cake… and more cake

Expect your tea time pit-stop to be a first-class experience.

Design your own knickers (and other stuff)

This little café-come-design-store is an incredibly unique place for a girlie day or evening out.

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