Watch your sushi being made at Watatsumi

If you're picky about how your food is prepared then this is perfect for you.

7 Northumberland Avenue WC2N 5BY
If you're into the idea of knowing where your food comes from, then you're likely to enjoy this fabulous Japanese eatery just off Trafalgar Square.

Book your reservation with your Mastercard and you'll be offered you a free glass of sake on arrival (yes, we said FREE) – plus you'll be able to pick your seating; from either a regular restaurant table or a place at the bar when you can watch your sushi order being prepared.

The chefs are happy to chat as they create their masterpieces and will happily deliver your meals with an explanation of what's on your plate.

The Gressingham duck breast marinated in mikan miso is a definite highlight for us and if you're up for something a little lighter, why not go for the pan friend sea bass with home-made shisho butter.

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