The Russian experience at Ruski?s Caviar & Vodka Tavern

Get your fill of caviar and vodka

Ruski?s Caviar & Vodka Tavern
1 Kensington High Street W8 5NP
Step into this 16th Century-inspired vodka den, which frankly wouldn’t look out of place in Moscow and be transported into a world of sheer Russian amazingness.

Vodka is served at either eight degrees or frozen, samovars (large urns) are used for sharing cocktails and Matryoshka Dolls are used as vessels to drink from. And as if that wasn’t unique enough, Ruski’s also boasts the largest collection of vodka in London - and if you’re peckish, Chef Scott Hallsworth will be able to rustle you up some cavier and chips. Or steak tartare and caviar club sandwiches. It really is something quite special.

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