Fill up a Growler at Camden Town Brewery

Fill up your growler and take it away...

Camden Town Brewery
55 - 59 Wilkin Street Mews NW5 3NN
Sometimes all you want is to enjoy the quality of a pub without leaving your house. Now, we’re not adverse to the odd can of Red Stripe or a bottle of Belgian beer now and again but there’s nothing quite like sipping your favourite London pale ale in the comfort of your own home.

To solve this problem, the Camden Town Brewery has brought ‘the growler’ to London. A growler is a four-pint, brown glass bottle that you buy from the brewery and take away full. Once empty, return with that bottle and fill up. Then repeat to your heart’s content. The growler’s lid makes sure that the beer stays fresh once opened for up to a week – although we doubt it’ll take that long to finish.

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