Get Spooked @ Hangman’s Hill

Where stuff rolls UP-hill!

Where: Hangman’s Hill, High Beech, Epping Forest

Hangman’s Hill, so called because it hosted a few poor souls’ grizzly endings, is a true London mystery. In fact, it is straight up haunted! Park your car on it and instead of rolling backwards it will roll UP the hill! Huh?! Legend has it that it is the noose of the hangman that pulls the car towards an ancient tree. Sounds possible.

‘Scientists’ say that this phenomenon is actually what is known as a ‘gravity hill’ or ‘magnetic hill’. An area where a slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope due to the appearance of the land around it. So just one big optical illusion. We’re more inclined to believe the haunted explanation. Check it out for yourself – if you dare!

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