Escape from a room with your friends

Get locked up, then scape... Crystal Maze stylie

Escape from a room with your friends @ Escape Rooms

Where: Escape Rooms – London Bridge

Picture the scene, you’re stuck in a room with your friends (6 maximum) and you only have your wits, brains and gut instinct to free yourself from your arranged one-hour incarceration. Now imagine that you’re paying for the privilege and it’s meant to be AWESOME. Sound fun? Well it is.

Based in London Bridge, Escape Rooms is the Crystal Maze style live escape game that’s pretty much the biggest thing since Lazer Quest changed organized fun forever. Which makes it pretty big. Choose from a range of games (Pharoah’s Chamber for example), pay £16 per person based on six people playing and book safe in the knowledge that of the thousands of people who have played worldwide “99% say they would visit again.”

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