The best Persian cuisine… in Peckham at Persepolis

Feast your eyes... and then just... feast

30 Peckham High Street Peckham SE15 5DP
Peckham dwellers have been keeping this little gem to themselves for far too long and we thought it might be about time to let the cat out of the bag. Readers, you deserve this so head to Peckham Road and go discover one of South London’s best independent shops.

They say, ‘Persepolis… for a taste of Persia’ and that’s exactly what the deli/ café is all about. It’s a who’s who of Iranian products and cuisine. For those who go giddy at the sight of Asian supermarkets, steady yourself, because your knees are about to go weak.

Shop for deli goods or eat in the tiny, ramshackle café as Persepolis bathes you in its unmistakable charm. Just don’t go telling too many people about it…

They also have a few cookbooks in print, available from the Persepolis website. We can personally recommend "Veggiestan" - full of delicious veggie goodness! (The quick fresh coriander pickle is the absolute business!!)

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