Drink What Looks Like Your Favourite Fast Food at The Cocktail Trading Company Smithfield

It's creative and confusing... and delicious!

The Cocktail Trading Company Smithfield
50 - 52 Long Acre Lane EC1A 9EJ
When it comes to cocktails, we usually take ours straight up, no muss, no fuss. So when we were served the amazing Snapper’s Delight at the Cocktail Trading Co. recently we weren’t sure how to take it. But take it we did. And then we drank it. And loved it.

Served in a basket, inside a squeezy ketchup bottle complete with gherkin and ‘French fries’ this is a cocktail worth drinking just so that you can tell people about it. It may have made us question everything we thought we loved about cocktails but that we can only view that as a good thing.

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