Spend a night with a pride of lions at London Zoo

Head for the Gir Lion Lodge Experience

London Zoo
Regent's Park
There are times when we all wish we had different families and for those who like the sound of being part of a fiercely protective, affectionate, sociable and furry new brood, there’s always a night at London Zoo to serve that desire – temporarily at least. That’s right, from May to December 2016, London Zoo are giving visitors the chance to stay in one of nine private lodges next to the lion enclosure, which is pretty much akin to joining the family.

Part of expanding the space provided for the London Zoo lions, you’ll be able to rise to the sound of roars as you see the big cats get breakfast as well as getting a private tour of the zoo. The pleasure of joining the pride will cost a couple £378; which is a lot cheaper than going on safari.

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