Relive your childhood with Sylvanian Families at Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families is now a little shop in Islington... so go visit.

Sylvanian Families
68 Mountgrove Road Highbury N5 2LT
Gone are the days when you’d spend hours in front of your special Sylvanian Families house, moving the Badger family from one room to the next, while the Hedgehog kids waited patiently to be played with.

Of course we’re talking about those cute little critters that dressed in human clothes and came with their own cars, homes and shops – and as it turns out; they still exist.

Sylvanian Families is now a little shop in Islington, where you can not only buy as many little furry friends as you’d like but you can also accessorise them with their original paraphernalia. And with birthdays always coming up, it might be the perfect opportunity to spoil the kids in your life with something from the ‘good old days’ and maybe even distract them from the TV and video games.
We’re not ashamed to admit, these little gems are timeless fun.

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