The Beautiful Sound of a Stereo Installation at Merchant's Tavern

One for the audiophiles

Merchant's Tavern
35-42 Charlotte Road EC2A 3PD
Walk into the Merchant’s Tavern and you might just think it was a swanky Shoreditch bar with an Angela Hartnett restaurant out the back. However, look a little deeper – or just swat up with a little research – and you’ll notice that one wall of the bar looks like something out of Don Draper’s New York rise. Part of an installation, “Spiritland plays music at leisure, in quality and in style on a sound system of outstanding quality.” In layman’s terms, the team behind this installation have set up a valve amp, ceramic vinyl deck and vintage speakers to create the most beautifully warm sound in the whole of London. It’s an audiophiles fantasy and one of the best places we’ve been to hear recorded music in its purest form. Go have a listen.

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