Eat dinner completely naked

Keep your eyes on your dinner

Where: The Bunyadi

We've already got drinking in a bar made out of ice and eating in complete darkness covered, so what's next? Dining in the nude of course.

Slip out of your clothes in the changing room and then head to the restaurant. The menu is still a secret but there will be vegan and vegetarian options, a wood flamed grill, and edible cutlery. The theme, in case you hadn't guessed already, is 'au naturel' so there'll be no chemicals added to the food, no gas, and no electricity, as it's lit with candlelight. You'll be pleased to know phones aren't allowed so no one will be able to snap your private bits, and there'll be bamboo partitions for privacy.

And there's a waiting list - around 35,000 people have already signed up. The location hasn't been announced yet, but it opens in June for the whole summer.

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