Eat yorkshire puddings everyday at Reform Social & Grill

Can anyone resist... the puddin'?

Reform Social & Grill
Mandeville Place W1U 2BE
Why, given that they are the best part of a Sunday roast, can we only eat Yorkshire puddings on Sundays? Is it the infrequency at which we eat them that makes them so appealing? If so, why don’t we do the same with other amazing food like… pizza? All we know is that we’re sick and tired of it, which is why we’re celebrating Reform Social’s new official Yorkshire Pudding Menu.

Available all the time – so, yep, not just on Sundays – the Yorkshire puds at Reform Social are no ordinary dinner accompaniment. Choose between a selection of savoury and sweet fillings that include cheese and truffle, hot smoked salmon, salt beef, banana and custard and chocolate and caramel. Or, don’t choose and just try them all.

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