Go to a gig around a camp fire and feel the love

Kumbaya, anyone?

Where: The Factory, Mile End – The Nest Collective

If you don’t believe that the vibes stoked from a campfire singsong could act as a sort of medicine to all the world’s ills, then we feel for you because you’ve lost your innocence, man. For those who do believe in love – and campfires – we ask you to visit London’s Campfire Club and feel the chill.

Striking a serious note for one second, Campfire Club is the brainchild of the Nest Collective and hosts regular shows where up-and-coming and established bands play for an audience congregated around a roaring fire. Hosted at the Factory, Mile End and other London locations, tickets cost £8 and for that you get the music and the fire – the bar is on you.

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