Party at Vout O Reenees

It's cocktails and jazz...

Where: Vout O Reenees – Whitechapel

If you don’t know, Slim Galliard was an American Jazz singer and songwriter who was about the coolest thing to have ever come out of America. Known as McVouty, this was a man who made up his own language and then used it to influence everyone from Tom Waits to the Beat poets. But why is all that important? It’s important because Vout O Reenees nightclub and gallery in Whitechapel is named after the great man.

It may be a private members club (annual subscription £275) but non-members can sample the underground avant-garde through Vout O Reenees regular events, which take in anything from life drawing to burlesque poetry. And cocktails and jazz music, naturally.

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