Make your own ice cream at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at Heddon Street Kitchen

A way to keep Ramsay cool

Heddon Street Kitchen
3 - 9 Heddon Street W1B 4BE
Fiery-tempered Gordon Ramsay is giving his customers free reign at Heddon Street Kitchen this summer. Granted, it's to make ice cream lollipops on the terrace rather than letting them loose in his kitchen, but it's still pretty exciting to get the chance to mix fig, lychee, raspberry, and the more unusual combo of salt and vinegar together. Add bits of charred pineapple, crumbled doughnuts and booze like vodka caramel and Kirsch to make your very own potentially Ramsay-endorsed pud. The DIY ice creamery is open from June 28th to August 21st.

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