Oktoberfest everyday at Bavarian Beerhouse Old Street

Invite your friends to your very own Bavarian Olympics.

Bavarian Beerhouse Old Street
190 City Road EC1V 2QH
When a pint of beer just isn’t big enough there’s always the Bavarian Beerhouse in Old Street, where you can swig from a two-pint ‘stein’ to your heart’s content. What you can also do is invite your friends to your very own Bavarian Olympics.

Book the session, find a group and split into two teams so that you’re ready on arrival. Games include Stein lifting or Masskrug Stemmen (a test of strength whereby you hold a full stein at arms length with a straight wrist), beer mat flipping or Bierdeckel Schnippsen and hammering nails or BaumStamm Nageln (each team must hammer their nails into log with the narrow side of a hammer). Winners can expect to be rewarded with a six-pint beer glass filled with beer for the rest of the night! Stag dos ahoy!

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