Things to try at London Clubs, Pubs and Bars

All In London's list of things to do


A sport for the... un-sporty

Musical Bingo

Confetti canons, glamour, champagne... this is new age bingo.

Spend an evening in a crypt…

For a touch of jazzzzzz

Drink Madness

Madness... it'll fill you with gladness

Party in the Old Conservative Party Club

Try a night down the social...

It's a Roller Disco baby!

Feel like a 13 year old girl... in a good way

Comedy with a view

Couple a chortle and a heck of a view

Drink grog like a Sailor

Head to VOC for a seafaring tipple

East London dancing, darts & dominoes

Sample some classic East End frolics

Take a Brewery Tour at Fuller’s

See the home of legendary ales such as London Pride and Honey Dew

Bona Fide Casino Night

Here's a great way to play fast and loose with your money.

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