Things to try at London Clubs, Pubs and Bars

All In London's list of things to do

Booze your way around the Monopoly board

You're encouraged to pass go... and it may cost £200.

A mysterious date at a hush-hush venue

Legendary venue, booths and a password to get in. Who wouldn't be impressed?

Burmese samosas and fritters

If you've never eaten Burmese then this is the place to try it...

Famous Monday Blues Jam

Jam with some of London’s greatest blues guitarists.

Ox heart for lunch

Add something different to your plate but trying out the menu at St. John’s Restaurant in Clerkenwell.

Hip Hop Karaoke

If belting our cheesy disco tracks isn’t your deal, but you enjoy some hippety-hop, then The Social is where it’s at for you, bruv.

Learn to make cocktails in one hour

What better way to treat your mates than to make them a proper cocktail?

Get your mixtape played in a club

It could be either the most tense or the most exhilarating night of your life.

Yoga in a bar

You’ll come out feeling educated, empowered and surprisingly relaxed. And bendy.

Jazz in a pub

This local old-school pub on the main Barnes strip has been hosting jazz nights in its Music Room for over 50 years.

Drink cocktails in tea cups

This basement cocktail bar has been hiding round the back streets of Fitzrovia for some time.

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