Things to try at London Clubs, Pubs and Bars

All In London's list of things to do

Take a Mai Tai Masterclass

My, my; it's a mai tai...

Drink from London’s greatest alcohol vessels

You can shove your plastic beakers

Try the Back Room Cinema

Beer + Cinema = Awesome

Drink in a tiki bar without the airfare

Wear your best shirt. Attract the honeys.

Live like a High-Roller

London doesn't get more bling than this

The Cocktail Gardener

Drink by moonlight atop a summer rooftop bar...

Drink at a pisco bar

Be transported to Peru (without the jetlag - but maybe the hangover)

Get high, old school-style

Nothing to be sneezed at... although you might

Take The Friends Quiz

The One Where They Know All The Answers

Drinking in London’s only Steam Punk Pub

Prepare to have your mind blown!

Dance until 10 in the morning

Power through 'til dawn

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