Things to try at London Restaurants

All In London's list of things to do

Barack Obama’s favourite burger

Chow down here, you're in good company

Dine on a famous pizza

This isn't just any pizza...

Pizza on a bus

Great pizza in a unique setting

Eat Alternative KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

Less of a mouthful than 'yangnyeom tongdak'

Tofu cocktails at London’s first tofu bar

Banish your tofu prejudice - this stuff's good

Eat gourmet street food

Head to Netil Market for some of London's best

Cheap Pizza Mondays

A slice of pizza the size of your head

Dinner in a parallel universe

Can you keep a dining secret?

Sample a quality kebab

Yes you heard right, we said 'quality.

Dinner on a rotating table

Those traumatised by motion sickness need not apply...

Dinner in Africa

The extraordinary dishes on offer include wildebeest, kangaroo and crocodile.

Eat out while having a lie down

Take the weight off your feet... but continue to party.

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