Things to try at London Restaurants

All In London's list of things to do

Yodelling for your beer

There'll be giggles aplenty and some top entertainment with your meal.

Swing Dancing

Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Jive, Swing Dancing has it all and it’s about time you tried it.

The Devastator Food Challenge

Eyes bigger than your belly? They will be...

All You Can Eat Brazilian BBQ

Grab some loose fitting trousers, pack a towel and prepare for the meat sweats...

International steak

If you’re a fan of a good steak... then hold tight.

Champagne and Hotdogs

We’re not talking Herta Frankfurters here, no; this is strictly for the gourmand.

Garlic everything

Warn off vampires and the opposite sex year round by making Garlic and Shots your local.

Acrobatic dinner

Sometimes simply spooning food into your mouth can be a real drag...

Dinner with a view

Head to Madison for stunning views of an icon.

Moroccan Afternoon Tea

You’ve heard of traditional afternoon tea... now try this.

Traditional Dim Sum

The traditional Dim Sum @ Chuen Cheng Ku are sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Take a writing class in a pub

They say nothing helps the creative juices flow quite like alcohol... bingo!

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