Things to try at London Restaurants

All In London's list of things to do

Traditional Dim Sum

The traditional Dim Sum @ Chuen Cheng Ku are sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Take a writing class in a pub

They say nothing helps the creative juices flow quite like alcohol... bingo!

Not Afternoon Tea

Cake and tea? Yawn. Let's spice things up a bit with some booze.

A medieval banquet for din-dins

Tired of the same old evening meals at your local? Then why not put a bit of fancy dress and a maiden or two into you’re your evening?

Dining in the dark

Pitch black dining, meals served by the blind... awaken those senses!

Have a cocktail with your curry

Cocktail AND a curry? What more do you want, jam on it? Don't have that, it won't be good.

Watch your sushi being made

If you're picky about how your food is prepared then this is perfect for you.

Heavy on the meat breakfast for 2

When the Full English doesn’t quite do it you can always trust London’s finest purveyor of meat to up the stakes.

Eat duck tongues

You’ll be able to boast about this culinary adventure for years to come.

Oysters on The River

Head up to the balcony of The Oyster Shed, order yourself half-a-dozen fresh oysters.

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