Things to try at London Restaurants

All In London's list of things to do

Eat Christmas pudding doughnuts

Two rights making a bigger right

Try the healthy alternative to a takeaway

Dish delish - delivered to your door

Review food at London's first noodle laboratory

Where they doodle with their noodles

Eat a flattie

Enjoy a delicious roast... South African style

Celebrate British food for a fortnight

Did out your elasticated trousers

Oh, Hello Kitty!

Teas, cakes, sundaes and pussy merch...

Choose your dinner from a trolley

Like Yo Sushi... but on a trolley

Eat on-trend food in a train ticket office

Two tickets to Flavour Town, please

Eat a 'Bufle' for the first time

Cronuts and Cragels are old hat...

Eat a multisensory dinner

A feast for the eyes... and tongue... and ears...

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