Things to try at London Restaurants

All In London's list of things to do

Visit London's first mindfulness cafe

Where feeling good tastes good

Eat Christmas pudding doughnuts

Two rights making a bigger right

Try the healthy alternative to a takeaway

Dish delish - delivered to your door

Review food at London's first noodle laboratory

Where they doodle with their noodles

Eat a flattie

Enjoy a delicious roast... South African style

Celebrate British food for a fortnight

Did out your elasticated trousers

Oh, Hello Kitty!

Teas, cakes, sundaes and pussy merch...

Choose your dinner from a trolley

Like Yo Sushi... but on a trolley

Eat on-trend food in a train ticket office

Two tickets to Flavour Town, please

Eat a 'Bufle' for the first time

Cronuts and Cragels are old hat...

Eat a multisensory dinner

A feast for the eyes... and tongue... and ears...

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