Things to try at London Restaurants

All In London's list of things to do

Brunch Japanese-style

Fish and rice crispies - we kid you not...

Supersize your Whopper... with a beer

Now the dream is complete

Quaff champagne with... meatballs, not oysters

Time to get ballsy with your champers

Drink scandalous water, otherwise known as tea

It's a scandal, don't you know?

Eat alfresco on a BBC rooftop

At the historic home of British television

Eat at the restaurant where everything is homemade

It’s a neighbourhood thing...

Eat yorkshire puddings everyday

Can anyone resist... the puddin'?

Eat the famous cronuts without the hefty airfare to the US

A croissant and doughnut hybrid, what will they think of next?

Have lunch in a lighthouse

Misleading title really, see a lighthouse, eat at Fatboy's

Barcelona tapas done street food style

Guzzle up those little plates of deliciousness

Eat in a galaxy far, far away

Hutt Dogs and Jedi Lightsaber Cocktails, take my money.

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