Things to try at London Restaurants

All In London's list of things to do

Eat the famous cronuts without the hefty airfare to the US

A croissant and doughnut hybrid, what will they think of next?

Have lunch in a lighthouse

Misleading title really, see a lighthouse, eat at Fatboy's

Barcelona tapas done street food style

Guzzle up those little plates of deliciousness

Eat in a galaxy far, far away

Hutt Dogs and Jedi Lightsaber Cocktails, take my money.

Eat dinner completely naked

Keep your eyes on your dinner

Eat fancy fried chicken

This doesn't come served in a bucket

Taste the film you're watching

See the film, taste the film

Eat five courses of avocado

Chow down on the instagram staple

Taste London’s Best Tartiflette at Herne Hill Market

Surely the high water mark of comfort food...

Eat a ramen burger

Where two rights make an even bigger right. Right?

Eat a Tom Aikens meal on a ship

Tom's Kitchen sets sail

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