Things to try at London Restaurants

All In London's list of things to do

Eat Japanese Scotch Eggs

So, Japanese Eggs, surely?

Dine in a phone box

Squeeze in...

Eat lipstick


Eat pan-fried crickets

Mmmm... crunchy

Cook your own dinner London's first specialist Chinese Hotpot Restaurant

It's OK, you don't have to do your own washing-up

Eat Michelin-starred vegan food

Vegan food finally gets the Michelin star treatment!

Eat at a Raw Food Restaurant

Hot food is for wimps...

Eat at a Chinese gastropub

As trendy as it is delicious

London’s most refined Bottomless Brunch

Call it bottomless or infinity... or just tasty

Take a trip to the Alps…in Clapham

Pop up... in Switzerland

Slurp Fondue at London's Oldest Swiss Restaurant

Bread, cheese, dippy-sticks... heaven

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