Things to try at London Shops

All In London's list of things to do

Musicals Dance Lesson

Musicals Lessons – they’re the hot new thing!

Go on a Costume Tour…

Head for London's best-known costume shop

Pick up your global papers

Get the local rag... wherever you're from

Shop like Rihanna, Gaga & Beyoncé

Buy your goodies at Atsuko Kudo, you're in good company

One for the ladies!

Keep that drawer in your night table fully stocked

Shop for rare vinyl

Vinyl junkies get your fix at Kristina's

Find your Zen in the West End

Carve out an hour to reset through meditation

Follow in Churchill’s smoky footsteps

head to the JJ Fox Cigar Museum to puff like Churchill

Experience Chai heaven

So sit back, enjoy a samosa and sip on your Chai.

Join a live radio broadcast

Go live to the nation whilst you enjoy a cuppa.

Attend a Chinese afternoon tea ceremony

Pick the best tea for your mood... and relax.

Snack on a London landmark

Spoil your sweet tooth by chomping on some of London’s iconic landmarks.

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