Things to try at London Shops

All In London's list of things to do

Bike Maintenance Tutorials

vans Cycles offer bi-monthly maintenance tutorials in all of their stores.

Whisky Tasting

Sick of nodding along to other people’s opinions on whisky?

Watch glassblowing come to life

Check out how the art of glass-blowing takes its shape by visiting London's Glassblowing workshop.

Pillow-soft steamed buns

If belly pork gets your taste buds rolling and hoi sin sauce makes you dribble, then this is where you need to be come lunch time.

Join a knitting group

Knitting is hip and not in an ironic way. Getting your crochet on has never been so fun.

Screen Printing

Michelangelo only painted on boring old ceilings because he didn’t have access to a beginners screen printing course

Escape to Tuscany without leaving London

Forget spending a fortune on a flight to Italy.

Go horse riding in Hyde Park

Fancy riding a horse right by the Serpentine Lake?

Sip coffee and people-watch at 4 am

Bar Italia on Frith Street was immortalised in the 1995 song of the same name by Pulp.

Design your own trainers

Sometimes the shoes on the shelf just don’t do it for you and when you’re a creative individual with a mind of your own, that’s no surprise.

Take Ukulele Lessons

Grab your Makala and start making sweet music.

Visit London’s oldest shop

Built in 1567 this is London's oldest existing shop, Woolworths could have learned a lot about staying open from this place.

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