Things to try at London Shops

All In London's list of things to do

Visit an old-fashioned bookshop

Just as a good bookshop should be...

Discover the magic of Peter Pan’s London

Head to Neverland's London regional office

Enter the godless church

Sunday school for everyone

A dessert parlour

Welcome to sweet-tooth heaven

Books for Cooks

Are you a cook? Then buy a book.

Smash stuff up at Scrapclub

The first rule of Scrap club is... smash stuff, basically

Go kickboxing!

Gone are the days of scratching and pulling hair...

A massage on your lunch break

This'll make you go 'aaAAaah'!

Meet Red and the Gang @ M&M’s World

Get chummy with the chocolate treats

Walking book club

Exercise your mind... and your legs

Go Wall Climbing

Face your fears and take on the wall

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