Things to try at London Shops

All In London's list of things to do

Learn karate

Wax on, Daniel-san

Get a free face map

Fabulous dahling!

Comics with your coffee

One part café to one part comic book shop. Delicious.

Get Nail Art

Pretty little nails

Step into a world of pure science fiction

Film memorabilia, comics, figurines - the works...

Soho’s first ever Katsu Curry

For the uninitiated, it's OK... there's no cat.

Make your own shoes

I CAN make shoes... and so can you

24/7 Bagels

Pure, unadulterated bagel goodness

A bookshop on a barge

Have a read as you bob along

Go, urm, umbrella shopping

Head for Europe’s oldest umbrella store

Enter the Rabbit Hole...

Here's a collection of all things Alice...

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