Things to try at London Attractions

All In London's list of things to do

Go behind-the-scenes of Harry Potter

Dust off your wand and pay a visit

Become a fan of... fans

Surely the ultimate museum on a hot day?

Swot up on logos

Naomi Klein would have a fit.

Shoot something

BOOM! Well 'bang', actually.

Lounge in an urban garden

Find open spaces at South Bank Roof Gardens

Children’s Fencing Parties

Sounds risky but fear not there'll be no limb loss

Go shopping at South Bank’s Book Market

A treat for lovers of dusty pages

Take a tour of London’s toilets

Fancy some bog-trotting?

Visit Karl Marx’s grave

Stroll through the tranquil surroundings

Theatre in an amphitheatre

Who's up for some outdoor theatre?

A tour of London’s oldest cinema and brewery

Who knew Wandsworth had so much history?

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