Things to try at London Attractions

All In London's list of things to do

Go shopping at South Bank’s Book Market

A treat for lovers of dusty pages

Take a tour of London’s toilets

Fancy some bog-trotting?

Visit Karl Marx’s grave

Stroll through the tranquil surroundings

Theatre in an amphitheatre

Who's up for some outdoor theatre?

A tour of London’s oldest cinema and brewery

Who knew Wandsworth had so much history?

Watch a TV show filming

Hello mum! Be a party to the magic of television

Get to know Old England

Ahhhhh... the good ol' days

Get a dose of cinema history

Decades of cinema all under one roof

Your daily commute, on a boat

Jump on a Thames Clipper service to start your day

Go Go Karting

That's not go-go karting, that's go: go-karting

Bike polo @ LHBPA

mallets, bikes, balls, goals - what's not to like?

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