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All In London's list of things to do

Movie Marathon

Where you can watch movies all night long (all night, all night).

Ten Rounds With De Niro Film Quiz

Have a pop at London’s toughest movie quiz.

Be haunted by an Evil Duchess

A king and an evil duchess is said haunt this beautiful house.

Go to the pictures… in a pre-wartime setting

Take in a flick at one of Britain's first cinemas.

Take a tour of the Universe

The Peter Harrison Planetarium offers you a glimpse of the universe.

Drop in on Mrs Hudson

Pick up your pipe, pull on your dear stalker and head to Baker Street.

£10 Front Row Seats

If you think that a trip to the theatre costs and arm and a leg... then think again.

See RAF History

Puff your chest out as your national pride inflates...

Discover a royal palace

Here's one you probably haven't tried before

Celebrating women

Let's give the ladies a bit of love...

See the Mummies

Check into the world of Egyptian death and afterlife...

Discover ancient London

London is getting on a bit... take a tour around its oldest bits.

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