Things to try at London Attractions

All In London's list of things to do

Drop in on Mrs Hudson

Pick up your pipe, pull on your dear stalker and head to Baker Street.

£10 Front Row Seats

If you think that a trip to the theatre costs and arm and a leg... then think again.

See RAF History

Puff your chest out as your national pride inflates...

Discover a royal palace

Here's one you probably haven't tried before

Celebrating women

Let's give the ladies a bit of love...

See the Mummies

Check into the world of Egyptian death and afterlife...

Discover ancient London

London is getting on a bit... take a tour around its oldest bits.

Kayak through London

Give your arms a work out on the Regents canal.

Vintage shop until you drop

The area comes alive every Wednesday and Saturday into a home-making dream.

Treasure hunt through Westminster

A whole lot more fun for the young ones while sight-seeing...

Meet your food...

Forgotten where your Sunday roast actually comes from?

Laser Tag @ Star Command

You're Chuck Norris cira 1985, you've got a blaster strapped to your side... time to kick ass.

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