Things to try at London Attractions

All In London's list of things to do

Walk Hackney and let an expert be your guide

Go see Sean... tell him we sent ya

Take a pottery masterclass and make a… pot

Top fun, plus you'll make something pretty. Probably.

See the world’s only merman

MerMAIDS are two-a-penny... but a MerMAN? Now you're talking...

Take a tour of Highgate Cemetery

Actually one of London's most serene spaces

Discover a ‘House of Dreams’

Open your mind and step inside...

Swim outdoors all year round

Bask in 28 degrees...

Walk along a disused railway track

It’s London’s longest nature reserve, don'tcha know?

Escape from a room with your friends

Get locked up, then scape... Crystal Maze stylie

Lunch among headstones

A break from the norm

Ride in a hot air balloon

For a bird's eye view of the capital...

Learn to stuff an animal

Rats, ready? Squirrels, ready? Let's stuff...

Park in style... take a pod

More exciting than a flight

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