Swing Out Remixed

Battersea Mess and Music Hall, 51 Lavender Gardens, London

Event location:
Battersea Mess & Music Hall, 49 Lavender Gardens SW11 1DJ
When:Event passed!
It was on
Mon 18th Nov 2013 to
Wed 18th Dec 2013

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Where:Battersea Mess and Music Hall, 51 Lavender Gardens, London SW11 1DJ
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Times:7:15pm - 8:15 pm
Admission:£32 (+booking fee)
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About the event

You’ve learnt the Swing Out – now it’s time to mash it up into weird and wonderful new moves and variations! Why stick to just your “regular” Swing Out when you can vary how to start and finish a Swing Out? Want to get fancy? Now’s the time to add in some challenging footwork variations. Swing to a different rhythm? Maybe it’s time to Swing Out using different footwork patterns! Want to throw out convention? Then try our totally modified Swing Outs! This course is all about giving you more choice, styles, variations – and ultimately learning more about the Swing Out in the process.

We’re not teaching a basic Swing Out on this course – you need to know it already to remix it! You’ve learnt the Swing Out in your weekly class (Level 2 and above) and can dance your “regular” Swing Out when asked. You’ve also worked on basic Swing Out technique in your weekly class and/or on our Mastering the Swing Out course. You’re still working on it, but you have enough confidence with the basic Swing Out that you can start playing with it!

Here’s a taster of what to expect….

Bored of your regular Swing Out?
Then you need some options for how to change your basic! Learn to start the Swing Out on different counts. Plus we’ll play around with the second half of the Swing Out, mastering options for sending the follower out backwards, sidewards and forwards. Plus we’ll make sure all of this is working on the social dance floor – it’s great for lead and follow technique!

Want a challenge for your feet?
You know some footwork and styling variations – now it’s time to put some complex ones in and ensure they work on the social dance floor.

In a rush? Want to save some time?
Why Swing Out in eight counts, when you can do it in six? Yep, the Six Count Swing Out is a real time saver!

Want to Swing Out into some space?
Then the travelling Swing Out is for you! Perfect if you’re crushed where you’re dancing and spot some space on the other side of the dance floor.

Addicted to Charleston?
It happens to all of us. So let’s feed that addiction with the Charleston Swing Out. Perfect for fast music and showing off in jam circles!

Want to dance fast?
We love your passion! Time we give you some options for swinging out at high velocity.

Just want to mess with your head?
Perfect, we want to mess with your head too! Try our Reverse Swing Out, Three Walls Swing Out and more!

Official Link: http://www.swingpatrol.co.uk/event/swing-out-remixed-4-week-course/

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