3 Major Mistakes Executive Women Make That Cause Burnout

DelAziz and Zahra Bar, 55-57 The Pavement, London

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Thu 21st Jan 2016

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Where:DelAziz and Zahra Bar, 55-57 The Pavement, London SW4 0JQ
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Times:18.30 - 21.00
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About the event

3 Major Mistakes Most Career Women Make That Keep Them Feeling Overwhelmed, Overworked And Heading For Burnout

You are in a 'great' job but are really unhappy?

You go away on weekend getaways but get back to sad 'reality'?

Never having time for yourself or anything except for your demanding work?

I was there too, for 17 years, and am here to share my experience that there's light at the end of the tunnel and to show you how to do it too. I'll show you how, then we'll spend the rest of the time having drinks with like-minded women from our community. We often feel like we are alone with the problem we have. In this workshop you will be lifted up with other women's experiences. We understand each other.
From working devoid of passion for 17 years to feeling like my work has purpose and makes a real difference to humanity, and my happiness, every single day.

From never meeting 'suitable' potential partners to finding a man that makes me feel like I got a hang on this long-term "relationship" thing! :-)

From working 10+ hours on a constant cycle of just wanting to crawl back into bed, being addicted to shopping and anything chocolatey, to working the hours I feel most energetic, fulfilled and inspired!
From having been diagnosed with anxiety, traumatic disorder, SED, depression, adrenal fatigue, burnout to being grounded, calm, focused and happy.

Official Link: http://atnd.it/42856-0

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