Adventures in Modern Abstraction

17 Osborn Street

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Fri 7th Jul 2017 to
Tue 8th Aug 2017

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Where:17 Osborn Street E1 6TD
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Times:Tuesday - Friday 11AM - 7PM Saturday - Sunday 11AM - 6PM
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About the event

Adventures in Modern Abstraction, Summer Group Show 2017.

Influenced by both Urban Art and Abstract Contemporary, we present works from a group of artists who merge the way between these styles focusing the energy and rawness of classical graffiti with abstract expressionism. Works feature noticeable spray can strokes, fat cap lines, drips and splatters and all the other elementary components of classic graffiti as well as works with more graphic clean lines of geometric precision. Abstract both in the visual language and approach, ‘Adventures in Modern Abstraction’ showcases a collection of works that embrace a vibrant approach to the outer limits of urban art and graffiti. Featuring works by:

Felipe Pantone - Jason Woodside - Zest - Jeremy Brown - Clark Goolsby - Remi Rough - Mad C - Augustine Kofie - Roids - Florence Blanchard

Influenced by both Urban Art and Abstract Contemporary Expressionism, we present works from a group of artists who merge the way between these two styles, embodying the term 'Graffuturism'. This relatively new style (within the History of Art) is at the cutting edge of street art, moving away from what one might call the 'traditional' graffiti and urban art movement. Can we use the term 'Graffuturism'?

Felipe Pantone- "Felipe Pantone’s work is at the cutting edge of street art. Straddling conventional graffiti, typography and abstraction, his work fuses bold elements of graphic design with highly evolved geometric shapes to create an ultra-modern aesthetic which complements and reacts with the stark modernity of our cityscapes. Drawing on our concerns of the digital age and the speed at which technology is developing, Pantone’s art is like looking several light years ahead into the future and discovering a new language in which to communicate."
James Buxton. Global Street-Art

Jason Woodside- As a native Floridian, Woodside’s work has been inspired by the natural environment of his origin—particularly the energy of the sun, sea and the land. Mixing bands of kaleidoscope pattern within geometric structures is Woodside’s signature aesthetic.

Remi Rough- "Remi Rough continues to challenge the boundaries of contemporary painting as he traverses between the collected history of art and today’s urban lexicon. Thematically he continues to explore associations between Suprematist concepts, Abstract Expressionism and Graffiti art. Which in practice and theory they become ever present. This amalgamation yields a new type of modernist painting, one that reflects his passion for the aforementioned but also his desire to re-imagine it all for todays world.” - Carlos Mare .

Inspired by the basic building blocks of the geometric world, Augustine Kofie has formed a retro-futuristic aesthetic which transplants these shapes and angles into a soulful, organic, yet highly mathematical form of abstraction.

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