Armando Alemdar Ara - Reflections

Zari Gallery, 73 Newman Street, Fitzrovia, London

Event location:
Zari Gallery, 73 Newman Street Marylebone W1T 3EJ
When:Event passed!
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Mon 12th Mar 2018 to
Fri 23rd Mar 2018

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Where:Zari Gallery, 73 Newman Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3EJ
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Times:Monday - Friday: 09.00 - 18.00
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About the event

Armando Ara’s art has always enjoyed a unique combination of traditional Renaissance painting methods but with a modern abstract style. The fluid forms in movement veiled in mysterious layers of paint and glazes at the same time obscure and accentuate the human figure and its energy. The figure itself remains recognisable in this body of work with some courageous introductions of space – a stylistic feat for any abstract artist to say the least.

In Reflections we see a body of work that conveys not only feelings but also a contemplative state of mind with an aim to induce almost a meditative process for the viewer. Armando’s work can be used to assimilate our senses, inviting us to explore a deep appreciation of self through ethereal depictions of form. Offering a delicate vision of the human form through a considered, subtle palette and a deliberate sense of poetic narrative, Armando therefore invites us to appreciate a languid, contemplative space. As such, Reflections ultimately symbolises a resistance against the possibility of a meaningless life.

The symbolism in Armando’s art is accentuated with the use of the figurative, which shows that there is a certain lucidity that constitutes our human struggles and at the same time crowns our victory. Armando combines the figurative with his customary abstract style. One only has to read Kandinsky’s reflections on the challenges of the abstraction of recognisable forms to realise the tremendous artistic challenge that this kind of stylistic coexistence presents on the canvas. Rules of perspective, direction of light, contrast have to govern abstract forms that would have previously been free from any association with space or recognisable forms. In Armando’s art every detail and glaze of transparent paint is treated with consummate appreciation of its structure and tangibility. He draws out through masterful manipulation of form and colour the essence of abstract notions such as the gentle strength of love, the beauty of fragility and the unmistakable realization of the human condition. In Reflections struggle is noble and the protagonist is not a victim but a hero who is in a constant state of inner search.

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